It’s official folks!  I can finally close the door to my experience with The Twilight Saga.  Farewell Miss Bella, see you when the next movie comes out! 😉

Obviously, you all know I thoroughly enjoyed these junk-food reads and part of me is sad that I don’t have the option to pick up another.  But, there’s a larger part that is excited to move on to the next!

I started Eat. Pray. Love. recently and I’m IN LOVE with it.  She’s so insightful and honest.  I have so many “aha” moments reading her mini chapters, and my eyes well up when she introduces meaning to such simple concepts and complicated feelings.  I toyed around with the idea that I’d post about all my favorite Eat, Pray, Love quotes but there are just SO many!

I have to say that one uncanny coincidence appeared to me a few days ago while I was enjoying a chapter in the Italy section of the book.  She’s learning to speak Italian, a language which she finds so incredibly beautiful that it brings her happiness to hear it spoken even when she finds happiness in little else.  She often writes and translates little phrases throughout the chapters and she literally wrote several passages about “L’arte d’arrangiarsi” …the art of making something out nothing.

I had to stop reading and consider the fact that perhaps everything really does happen for a reason and sometimes the universe


decides to show you in tiny little ways.  And, its up to you to notice and believe in them.

I relate so heavily with her up and down battle with depression, loss, and search for self discovery after the wreckage.  I’m happy to have stumbled across her memoir.  I started the second part of her book yesterday (India) where she’s been talking a bit about how everyone who searches for enlightenment needs a “guru” and I believe that you’ll come across many in your life.

As of right now and for the time being, I believe I’ve found mine in the form of Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.