The Peanut Gang does Halloween!

November 1, 2010

Sorry for my last blogging hiatus everyone…as usual life has been chaotic, but I really should make the time to do the things that I enjoy and share them with you!

Jay and I decided to just spend the day together at home and do various Halloween activities.  We have bowling league every Sunday night and on or around holidays the association plans parties.  Last week we were told to come in costume and that everyone would bring in a “pot-luck” style tricks and treats.

I spent the morning baking brownie bites with Halloween colors and sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles in various themed shapes and sizes.  Jay loves when I bake mainly because I feed him anything that doesn’t meet my visual standards which happens a lot.

After lunch, we carved pumpkins for our trick or treating pumpkin patch.  We knew we would be at the bowling alley during trick or treating hours so we set up a little candy station on our porch.

We plan on staying in this apartment for a considerable amount of time and there’s just no room for an abundance of decorations for various holidays but that doesn’t mean we can’t decorate! Pumpkins have a shelf life, my orange mums are in the final bloom of their season,  and our coffee table is a chalk board! …and my fiance is an artist 😉

Jay and I really like dressing up for Halloween and chose famous movie characters for this years costumes.  He was James Bond (very simple costume – he manages a tux shop!)

And I was Audry from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Believe it or not, I already had the majority of this costume which made it really easy not to mention inexpensive to assemble and neither of our costumes will take up any more room in our little apartment!  Ps. For those of you who know the movie well, Charlie is my “Cat” …aka the no-name-slob! 😉

Bowling was a blast.  There were so many goodies and amazing costumes.

It’s feels really nice as we start to feel connected to our community especially during the holidays.  Christmas will be a lot of fun in that regard this year because I’ll be singing in a holiday concert with The Longmont Chorale! 🙂

Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween!

One Response to “The Peanut Gang does Halloween!”

  1. Michelle said

    love your blog and glad you’re really connecting that’s awesome!!!!!

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