Hope can never be lost…

September 10, 2010

Hey everyone… I’m sure by now you’ve heard at least something about the wild-fire (Four-mile Fire) which continues to threaten Boulder County.  The fire started in an area I’ve been to for work and the home that I visited there is now gone a long with over 160 other properties over nearly 7,000 acres of land.  So far everyone is accounted for and we are no longer missing anyone from those areas.

My co-workers have been doing their best to re-locate the victims of the fire, and local home-owners and apartment communities have been very accommodating.

This picture captures only a fraction of the darkness in the sky and was taken Wednesday afternoon.  Up until yesterday the sky has been dark gray with smoke and ash since Monday.  It instigated such an ominous and overwhelming feeling and I’ve felt an intense anxiety from the very beginning.  I can’t help but take on the experience of others with extreme empathy.

After a full day of working in Boulder hearing so many personal accounts, and breathing in what will forever ruin that camp fire aroma, both Jason and I were ready to go home and pray for it to end.  No more than five minutes into our commute the universe granted a sign of hope.  Through the fields and darkness existed a beautiful double rainbow.

Take this for what you will, but yesterday I posted my new page 500 Square ft of Love which included this picture of my vision board which Jay and I made over three weeks ago.  For whatever reason, I included a picture of a double rainbow (which you can see more clearly if you click directly on the image).  Again, the purpose of a vision board is to focus your intention on particular goals, and positivity.

I now see the purpose of my posting that picture on my board was my request for hope.  Hope in my own life, and in the tragedy of the Four-mile Fire.  The fire has not yet been 100% contained, so I thank you for reading and for sharing your own positive thoughts for the families affected by it. ❤


3 Responses to “Hope can never be lost…”

  1. What a beautiful picture of the double rainbow. Even though I don’t live in CO yet (49 more days!), I can’t help but feel affected by this wildfire. It’s made me very emotional. I suppose it comes from a yearn to help others, but I can’t.

    Thinking of you.

    • Lauren said

      First of all, welcome-almost-to Colorado! And second, I honestly believe that your positive energy and desire to help others is completely effective all on its own. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Michelle said

    wow that’s amazing with the double rainbow,first one i see .keep the vision boards going.i think I may try one too! god bless those lost in the fire and give strength to the survivers.

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