Operation Beautiful Day <3

August 4, 2010

Yesterday was amazing! A huge thank you to everyone who stopped by and checked out my site!  I’m so happy that I got to participate in The Operation Beautiful Movement this week on HTP and to celebrate – I picked up my very own copy of the book!  We drove into Boulder to a really fun Borders and walked around for a bit in the out door mall.

I’ve decided I simply can’t wait to start reading while I knock off the other two books on my Summer Reading List so I’m going to read Operation Beautiful each morning on my little porch and start my day with the encouraging words of positive and strong women from all over the country and world.

In my own journey, I’ve realized that how you start your day has a strong ability to impact your  outlook which can help you stay motivated in a positive manner when you face obstacles as the day goes on…

Affirmation of strength and beauty sounds like a great addition to any morning routine, don’t you think?

Other morning activities that help me start my day off on a positive note are:

  • Yoga
  • Taking the puppy for a walk.
  • Jogging/Running
  • Catching up on my girlie shows while Jay’s still sleeping.
  • Delicious coffee (compliments of the coffee fairy).
  • And of course, reading on my little porch. (*I found these little patio accessories on clearance at Target*)

Being outside really centers me in the morning.  Colorado weather is really interesting.  The mornings are SO crisp and cool and the mountain air is so refreshing.  From our porch you can even see our little piece of the mountain view.  (As I’m learning during my stint in “real estate” ….mountain view of ANY kind = HUGE selling point). 😉

What’s your morning routine?  What helps you kick start the kind of day you envision for yourself?


2 Responses to “Operation Beautiful Day <3”

  1. Siobhan Robinson said

    Love that view!!! Can’t wait! And good for you for doing all your DYI projects. Everything you’ve done looks fantastic! Well done lady!

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