So this little guy decided to get up early with me today and do some yoga  aka crash on my mat + use me as a fort as I do various poses!  He kept tickling my legs as he circled around me!

I woke up with a really weird pain in my back and needed to work it out before I could do anything else. I did the first 1/3 of my fav dvd (basically the warm-up/stretching).  It did the trick and got me going for the rest of the morning!

Believe it or not, I already did some cleaning + organizing!

Earlier this week, Jay brought home some empty storage containers from work that weren’t being used so that I could do SOME nesting even though we haven’t found any furniture yet.  Texas had an amazingly active free section on their Austin Craiglist.  Boulder County… I’m sorry to say is pretty weak in comparison and we don’t have the mula to go out and buy anything right now even second hand.

One of the pieces of furniture we are really in dire need of is a big ole book case which the storage containers took care of for the moment and then some!  Finally, our dvds, books,  Wii components, desk supplies, and tools have  happy little homes!



Well, I’m off to go get ready for another eventful day of employment search! Wish me luck lovies! I have some phone calls to make, some resumes to drop off, and then tomorrow my fabulous staffing agency has set me up with another interview.  I won’t be too negative though ! 😉

This one is in the town I life in however, so at least there wouldn’t be a commute.

Have a great day everyone, and I’ll talk to you later on tonight when I reveal my first ever swim lesson post!

Do you have any great organizing tips? Or perhaps something you used in place of a piece of furniture?

Summer Lovin’

June 30, 2010

…had me a blast!

Man, I bet I’m starting to seem a bit repetitive with all of this pool-side business.  But, isn’t that what summer’s all about? Soaking up the sun and enjoying activities that you can’t normally partake in year round (in 4 season states that is … in TX this year I had my very first birthday pool party in November!).

Well, I didn’t quite reach my goal with the final frontier of the Twilight saga, “Breaking Dawn.”  But, I did get a BIG chunk of the Jacob section out of the way.  I have to say as reluctant I may have been about this section of the book – it is pretty interesting.  It’s a little weird though reading from his perspective after 1,400 pages or so of being in Bella’s brain.  Have fun tonight all you twilight kiddos! Especially if you’re my bestie and waited in line all day for your exclusive Twilight-New Moon-Eclipse extravaganza! 😉

Today was pretty typical of Jay’s Tuesday off from work.  There were water slides (which I swear were faster this week), lots of reading and sun bathing, and of course Jay enjoyed the spot light entertaining the little ones with his diving tricks!

So many of them are super inspired by his diving and crowd around him asking him for tips.  He could probably be a pretty successful coach + trainer.  Something to think about.  I’m sure he’ll be someone’s coach somewhere along the way in one of his various talents and sports.  He’s a natural.

This little bebe was SO cute.  She would climb all the way up to the highest diving board trying to gather up the courage to jump, she had the whole pool chanting and rooting her on.  I swear she would have done it eventually, but with so many kids waiting in line – the life guard brought her down twice!  I thought that was pretty lame.  What does that teach her but to give up trying when other people are annoyed by her attempt.  They’re pretty lucky I’m not her mama! haha

Okay, so I haven’t forgotten my little daily challenge quite yet!

  • Exercise: Recreational Swimming …many hours worth 😉
  • Cleaning: Bathroom
  • Blog post complete!

Goodnight everyone – see you tomorrow PM

Have you ever tried to do something outside of your comfort zone and someone got between you and your goals?

I feel like this is so common, and I can see why! We teach the little ones that its not okay to push yourself if someone else disagrees (or is too impatient to let you try).

What can we do to change this? 🙂

30 Days

June 29, 2010

Popular television series prompted by the documentary, “Supersize Me,” …yes.  And it’s also the length of my first 30 day challege.  I see the other bloggers do it ALL the time, and its about time I start something of my own 🙂

I’m going to start small, because my life is still in a major transition and I don’t want to set myself up to fail in any way, so the title?

30 Days to a New Me

Simple, I know…but here’s how I plan to make this a little less general and a little more manageable.

  1. I will do something (anything) active at least once a day.  This will probably include (for now) walking the puppy…sometimes running with the puppy or on my own, yoga, and swimming.
  2. Clean an area or room in the apartment daily so that I don’t overwhelm myself once it ALL needs to be cleaned 😉
  3. Last but not least, include these little commitments in my daily blog entries.

Basically, the idea is to help myself make all three a part of my daily routine so that hopefully one day – I will just do them without thinking!

Internet permitting, I think I’ll be posting nightly so that I can report on what I did accomplish rather than what I intended to accomplish.

Well, it’s Jay’s day off and it’s going to be another hawt hawt day, so you guessed it! We’re off to the pool.  I’m really convinced I’m going to finish my twilight saga with Breaking Dawn today.  Or, at the VERY least I will stomach through an entire book of Jacob (about 300 pages from his perspective yuuuck)! Haha, apparently I’m team Edward… probably because I’m not an actual teenager so Edward’s century of maturity appeals to me.

Talk to you later on tonight! I hope you have an amazing day and enjoy some of this sunshine!

Quiet day at home…

June 28, 2010

Jay’s weekends are split by a dreadful Monday that starts with a 8:30 conference call and ends with a 7pm closing time.  And, until I find a stellar any job – I’m playing the role of house-almost-wife.

Like a good wifey, I did some cleaning (mostly in the kitchen and bathroom areas).  Why do those two rooms get the messiest the fastest!?

I also got busy making my house smell amazing with the sweet aroma of my baking! Haha, I may not resemble a cook in ANY way, but baking I can handle 😉

Today’s menu: Chocolate chip muffins (whole grain) for the guy.  I’m sharing this basic muffin recipe from a “Better Homes and Garden” cookbook with a few healthier adjustments.  I use this recipe no matter what kind of muffins I’m making with the last step being: Add whatever you want (ex. fruit, chocolate, etc…)!

  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. In a large bowl mix: 1 3/4 cup whole grain flour, 1/3 cup sugar (or honey equivalent), 1/4 tsp salt, 2 tsp baking powder.
  3. In another bowl combine: 1 egg (or egg white) beaten with 3/4 cup almond milk and 1/4 cup canola oil.
  4. Spoon batter into muffin tin 3/4 full.
  5. Bake 18-20 minutes.
  6. Cool, then serve or freeze for the week! 🙂

This is one of my go-to recipes because it costs pennies to make, its a healthy (home-made …we know exactly what went into it) breakfast or snack, and they are easy to freeze and enjoy all week! I usually throw some fruit into our little food processor so I get somewhat of a serving of fruit in each muffin.  The guy prefers chocolate, but it’s still loaded with whole grains and healthy fats so we’re good!  Enjoy your Monday everyone…

Do you prepare food for the week ahead of time, or do you take it day-by-day for the most part?

Since, I don’t have anything super exciting going on today, I thought I’d catch up on some of last week’s adventures starting with a HUGE discovery no more than 1/2 a mile from our apartment.

Now I grew up with a city pool that was exactly that… a city pool.  Tons of kids, very few parents, and a whole world of yuck.  So I’ll admit, I was a little hesitant last week when we took the 30 second drive up the street to check it out.  All hesitation was lost the second we saw the place.

Our city pool ahem water park includes: Two giant water slides, five diving boards, four lap lanes, lake sized swimming areas, grassy + picnic areas, a beach, and tons of lounge chairs perfect for reading teenaged romance novels 😉

I was certainly not alone in this activity! I counted four other women reading twilight that day.  They have a ways to go to catch up to me.  I thought I was the last person on the planet to still be finishing this series.  I love reading and I’m usually tied up in at least 2-3 books at a time, so I save these fabulous vampire love stories for days like these where I can simply get lost in the drama with the sun gracing me with its presence, but you’ve heard this before.  It’s a good time.

While I was getting my Edward Cullen fix, Jay was reliving those high school swim team days wowing everyone with his crazy diving abilities! I begged him to take it easy, but boys will be boys.  Before I knew it he was doing double flips off the high board!  Pretty impressive stuff… I’ll admit I love to watch, but it’s  a little scary when you love him so much!

We ended up spending the better part of the day there flying down the water slides, diving (Jay), attending the Edward&Bella Wedding (Me), and had a picnic with the lunch we had packed.  Because we are residents, the whole day cost $4 dollars each.  Not too shabby, and a MUCH better alternative to melting in our hawt apartment all afternoon.

We went home that night with some pool cool and made our favorite summer dish for dinah: Pigs Veggie-dogs in a Blanket!

What are your favorite summer plans? … + eats?

Jay and I are both feeling sub par this morning and since Jay got a    little tip at work yesterday I was determined to find something fun to do with it today. $5 goes a long way when you’re creative.

When we were in Austin, we were right down the street from a stellar discount theater that we used to go to ALL the time.  It doesn’t make sense to see a movie any other way unless there’s something extra like a restaurant or bar of some kind included in the deal 😉

I spent all morning google’ing the area for something similar to my former Cinemark bliss! I was so happy when I found a “cinema saver” not too far from here.  This theater is definitely not as close to us, but just as cool and the theaters are actually twice the size.

Jay made his famous omelets this morning, and we packed some PB&J’s to sneak into theater!  There were only a few choices movie-wise, and we landed on “Robin Hood.” I’m usually not a huge action movie fan, but I’m willing to make exceptions…

It was a great movie, and because it was considered a matinee we both got in for $2 leaving us $1 under our budget! Jay might have been craving the popcorn something fierce but we’ll be able to hook him up with an XL popcorn soon enough.  Until then, sneaking in sandwiches is cool by me!

As far as the rest of the night goes, I’m thinking some pasta, yoga to the back drop of our impending thunder storm, and some work on my vision board (it’s about time for an update!).

Talk to you tomorrow

Smoothies & Movies

June 27, 2010

Unfortunately, I’ve been knocked out for the count for the better part of today by my lady business.  When I came to, it was ridiculously hot in the apartment – the only solution being an ice cold showah 😉

Not that I typically embrace this time of the month, but I guess I did need a bit of a break from my intense employment search.  I couldn’t hold much down this morning, so once I started to feel a little bit better I decided a smoothie was in order to restore any lost protein + vitamins!

My smoothie included: 1 cup spinach, 2 tablespoons vanilla yogurt, 1/2 frozen banana, mixed frozen fruit, 1/4 cup almond milk, and 3/4 cup orange juice (with pulp).  -all served in a lovely Sox cup! I believe the boys were just here recently playing The Rockies.  Wish it hadn’t been sold out -or- that I had enough money to go!  Oh well, perhaps next year?

My delicious + nutritious smoothie was accompanied by a really cute Romantic-Comedy compliments of the Netflix-Watch Instantly feature.

It’s so cute, I just had to share! + full of A listers!

Jay will be home soon so we can start dinner.  I’m thinking we’re going to have a “Morning-Star” night with a veggie burgah for me, and wings for the guy.  I’m looking forward to a peaceful night.

Jay brought home some goodies for me from his store to get me back in the wedding spirit.  After last year, we decided we might plan a trip to Vegas, but I’m not entirely sure what I want to do yet.  Might be fun to browse through some magazines and ditch the negative wedding vibes and start over 🙂

G’night all.

Do you ever feel like your plans continue to fall apart so that you can see clearly what you really wanted?  No back round noise.  Just you and your life.

Commitment Ceremonies!

June 25, 2010

Afternoon everyone! I’ve had some “extra” time to reflect this morning and I am making a desperate attempt to turn this morning’s events in a positive direction.  So first, here’s what happened, and then here’s what we’re going to do about it!

Yesterday my new temp agency had set up an interview for a receptionist position here in Boulder for today at 11am.  I was hanging out at Jay’s store getting ready for said interview when we got a phone call from a place I REALLY wanted to work for asking if I could meet them at 11am as well!

I was momentarily torn, but like an adult, I kept my previous interview for the receptionist position and scheduled my new interview for later this afternoon. However, there was NO one there when I arrived!

At first, I’ll admit… I lost most of my cool.  I am no doubt continuously jaded by these experiences where I’ve been left to duke it out with a room full of teenagers in ridiculous group interviews, turned down for jobs I did when I was sixteen, and now we can add sitting alone in a dark lobby for half an hour for a would-be interview.

But, then I realized something.  My blog is called, “Making Somethin Outta Nothin,” for a reason.  It’s what I do best! And, it works in most situations I come across in my crazy life-time movie existence 😉

I guess now is the time to add making something out of a nothing job market to my list of miracle making…

Okay, now for the commitment portion of this rant.  I’ve decided I’m going to blog at least once a day while I continue to work things out here on part two of our moving adventures: Colorado.  I will be positive about my experiences, but more importantly I will be honest.  If I’m having a crazy day – I’m going to tell you about it.  It doesn’t make sense for me to be outwardly positive when it’s easy, but then isolate when it gets hard.  I need to be upfront about the difficulties I’m facing, and turn them into solutions.

So here we go!  Solution #1

  • Although this morning may have turned sour, It doesn’t discredit the fact that I still have an interview this afternoon for a fun job I could really be happy doing!
  • Everything happens for a reason.  For example: had those silly people shown up this morning, what if they hired me on the spot! And then I had to take a risk by saying, “uhh, can you hold on a sec…”
  • My life has a way of coming together RIGHT before everything is about to fall apart.  You would think by now I would put a little more stock and trust in that fact.

Hope you all have a fab day… life’s too short for anything less.

Ok, if getting a great apartment and interviewing for jobs didn’t make it feel real enough… It’s official FOR REAL Colorado.  I have gone on my first hike in the mountains!

Believe it or not – I am in love.

Nature and I have had our rough spots, but lately we’ve been working on our relationship and things seem to be going great!

I think I’ve let go of a lot of things this past year which have allowed me to really move forward in my life without any preconceived notions.  I’ve just been trying to take everything one day at a time and allow myself to enjoy things I may not have allowed myself to experience in the past.

Full disclosure:  When we first started, my nerves completely took over (internally… I was really embarrassed by it so I tried not tell tell anyone although my panting breath and trailing caboose was probably a dead give away).  The altitude was super intense and I eventually gave in to a slower pace as I realized it was okay to be a beginner.

I knew I was going to keep going regardless but things really started turning around for me once we got to the first big waterfall.  I was SO excited for this point in the hike and it did not disappoint!

It was so intensely beautiful.  We climbed down some rather large rocks to get close to the water.  Too bad we didn’t video my attempt at this!  Being in the presence of my daredevil fiance and friends made me do things I didn’t think I’d ever do!  We definitely participated in an impromptu waterfall shower!

I’m glad I have picture proof of this little stunt!  Hands down this was my favorite part of the day.

We had a cute little picnic a little over half way to “The Lost Lake.”  The rest of the hike went by quickly and before I knew it we had made it! There were actually a ton of campsites around the lake, so perhaps that’s one of the next steps in my relationship with nature (with a few steps in between of course haha). The way down was definitely easier breathing wise and it was very cool to feel so accomplished in something that is technically out of character for me- although if I keep pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, nothing will seem out of the ordinary!

A Challenge

June 7, 2010

Just got home from my interview with Imagine! Colorado.  I really enjoyed interviewing for this company and surprisingly I learned a lot about myself by answering their questions.

  1. I realized how capable I am in terms of my experience, drive, and personality.  I’ve had so many jobs and experiences that translate to the kind of job I want and the person that I so desperately want to be.
  2. I care deeply about people and I’m not happy unless I’m helping someone else find happiness.
  3. I’m capable of taking on what some people might think are impossibilities as challenges.
  4. I can do anything I set my mind to.
  5. I realized that by exploring different job opportunities with various populations that I’ve developed theories and philosophies of my own thus propelling me forward into inevitable adulthood! 😉

The man who interviewed me was very honest that this “Intensive Residential Counseling” position is one of the more challenging jobs at Imagine! and was pretty clear with me about what those challenges would entail.  The funny thing is, I don’t think he mentioned one thing I hadn’t come across yet in my personal and professional life.

If they offer me this position, I’ve decided to commit to being the person I used to be by tackling it head on.  Quitting is not an option.  As Jillian Michaels would say, “Trying is preparing to fail.” – I love her, she kicks my ass through a television screen.  I can only imagine what meeting her in person would do for me!

Anyway, I just wanted to take a minute to share this revelation with you as I’ve clearly struck out a few times this year and I’ve decided to make a change… in my attitude, and eventually in my life.

I’m a tough cookie … It’s time I start acting like it.