Man-0-maaaan I have come to LOVE having a full weekend (as opposed to my former 6-day work weeks with tons of take home projects)!  Why you may ask? Because I’ve finally learned how to set aside at least one day during the week to take care of myself and I’m going to hold on to this new skill with all the strength that I have and never let go! It feels good to have baby boundaries and I’m going to kick back and watch them grow!

This is my life and it’s worth living.

Despite my week long illness in February- I got sick again! The flu, not to be outdone by the vicious common cold, took over and I was out for the count.  I can function with cold symptoms but anything to do with the tummy knocks me out. When I got home for the weekend on Tuesday I decided a Vitamin C smoothie was in order.  This one isn’t a “green-smoothie” but its still simple, healthy, and out of this world delicious. Jay loves it because he says it tastes just like an Orange Julius from the mall but I think it tastes like a dreamsicle ice cream bar 🙂

  • 1 cup ice cubes
  • 1/2 cup orange juice
  • 1 cup plain or vanilla yogurt
  • *Combine in a blender and ENJOY!

It’s seriously heaven in a cup and I’m sure it helped jump start my 2nd road to recovery! lol The kids at work are completely worth their germs – they’re the strongest people I’m sure I’ll ever be privileged to meet.


Wednesday (my Saturday) started off with Jay’s homework …he had a paper to work on and I decided to jump on this opportunity to show him how to take such tasks on the road and enjoy the energy of others.  So, we hit up our Main Street for some snacks and lattes! I must say I love how much Austin’s hippie vibe reminds me of Keene (NH) and Brattleboro (VT).  I guess I’m destined for lovable hippie towns!

No latte art included in this caramel latte miss you brew bakers but take notice of the “100% recycled material.” Random fact: my unit at work may have put a recycling container in the kitchen recently after this reformed Mass-hole politely complained a bit 🙂

Okay, here comes the sneak peak! I hope you’re as excited as I am because we are FINALLY starting our next furniture project….. the bed! We have been crawling into a mattress on the floor camp out style for far too long and its time for a sense of permanence! I’ve been scoping out Craigy for so long but can’t seem to score a head + foot board project.  After hw and lattes, something compelled me to check out the MASSIVE Good Will on the way home and we found a gem! We still need to find a box-spring and metal frame but the head board + foot board are covered for …..dummmm dum dum……Twenty-four dollars! It’s a great fixer-upper, real wood, and will be easy to paint. Jay  has a lot of other plans for it that I don’t quite understand at this point, but I’ve given him complete creative control. I’m the thrifter in this partnership …he’s the artist.

Stay tuned for updates because something tells me this project will take a few steps and quite possible a few weeks now that we’re both working full time 😉  But, the weather has been gorgeous and I’m sure we’ll be working on part one (priming + painting) very soon!

After our amazing find, I could not resist the sunshine and I headed over to the pool to get my junk-food-read on and soak up that Vitamin D (protected this time, however, and I am sunburn free!).

After a very summer dinner veggie dogs and potato chips, it was time for our fav night at the gym. We went for a quick run, took our favorite yoga class, and relaxed in the jacuzzi for a bit.

I think I’ll leave you again this week with the words of my new favorite yogi in her closing meditation …this week she focused on the power of the breath as a metaphor for taking in positivity, restoring your inner self, and letting go of negative energy as you breath deeply in and exhale slowly.

Look inward, find your focus, and don’t forget to let go.

My guy is the most talented person I have ever met! There’s seriously nothing he can’t do. He’s artistic (in so many ways), athletic, compassionate, inventive, and  committed. I am in constant awe of him and his incredible potential.

So much of my inspiration to move and make changes in our life had to do with what I saw in him. I went to school in a beautiful small New England town where he grew up and I think part of him may have been content to stay forever. He was truly a big fish in a tiny pond with no room left to grow.

I am so grateful that he took this leap of faith with me to start over and see what life had in store for us somewhere new.

Since the move in October, he has really come into his own in terms of his career, education, and personal happiness! He once told me that he would be happy doing anything that allowed him to get dressed up everyday suit and tie style for work. And, now he works for a men’s formal wear company and does just that! It’s so nice to see him rewarded for all of his hard work and dedication with 3 promotions in just over 2 months!

I think a key component to his success has been his committment to continuing his education. He is currently working on his Associates in Business Management and it has been a joy to watch him progress. Just another example of his ability to excel at nearly everything he tries. He works hard for the things that he has and it’s nice to see him finally reek the benefits of that.

Now that he has a handle on school and work, he’s started to look into the activities that make him happy like basketball, softball, and bowling. He recently heard from a team that has an open spot and wants him to come play with them! I’m so happy that their game night falls on a Wed (our day off together) so I can watch him play! Before we moved here, we had OPPOSITE schedules and very rarely had time to enjoy each other’s company or talents. Now, we enjoy doing so many things together and I’m glad I have the time  to support his activities too!

Practice pick-up game two-ish years ago...I love watching him do something he loves! It's so inspiring 🙂

The inspiration for this post came from our festivities last Saturday where I watched the man I love get all dressed up, represent his company, and make connections for the future. He’s so good at what he does and I love to stand beside him and relish in his success. I could not be happier that he’s experienced such growth since we’ve been here.

It’s nice to see my prince get everything he deserves …we’re on an upward road and I am so proud of him!

To be continued…

Let me start by saying I am officially IN LOVE with having a pool in my apartment complex and it shocks me that more people don’t use it! Ours has a basketball court right behind where I’m lounging so that’s nice for Jay! Last week I played a  little trying to get some pointers so I can fit in with my munchkins at work! lol

I could not be more pleased with the weather we had on my days off and I’m so happy we took full advantage.  Money was tight this week, so we just enjoyed the comforts of home!  It was soooo relaxing to sit by the pool and enjoy my favorite junk food read The Twilight Series.  I’m on book three now, Eclipse.  I like to save them for when I really just want to relax and be entertained.  I got the phrase junk food reading from a friend in Vermont and it’s stuck with me.  He liked to indulge in some junk food reads before bed and unwind from the day.  One of my favorite things to do is read outside in the sun…something about it relaxes me and instigates an almost euphoric feeling that’s so easy to hold on to for days at a time.

Wednesday is also my favorite because it’s YOGA night!  As much as I love some quiet yoga at home… taking a class really helps me grow, learn new things, and experience a stronger meditation (Well at least it has that affect on me… try it! See how you feel).  In addition to yoga, it feels so good having been sick for a whole week to get back into my running routine.  My friend turned trainer was right – I haven’t lost much of my endurance at all!  In other news, I start my swimming lessons with Jason soon and I’m soooo excited!  He found his speedo 😉 for a dollar on ebay and we’re on the lookout for another deal like that for mine!  It makes sense to me to bargain shop especially when I’m trying something brand new.

I guess my main point to this week’s post is that I didn’t get upset for one second that we couldn’t do any of the “fun” stuff we had planned for this weekend.  There’s so much more positive energy involved with enjoying yourself in the moment no matter what you’re doing.  We have food in the kitchen, furniture in the house (I have a new found appreciation for so many conventional household items lol), incomes, and NOW PHONES!  We counted our blessings, took note of the goregous weather, and enjoyed each others company.

I think I’ll leave you with my amazing new yoga teacher’s theme for this week’s meditation:  Focus on being present in the moment… it eliminates all need for anxiety because anxiety is associated with a fear of the unknown in other words the future.  If you can find a way to exist in the present moment, there’s no end to what you can handle.  You will worry less and live more.

Have a fabulous week my friends ❤

This was taken during my first trip to Texas to visit Tracy in January 2007 … I probably would have laughed in your face if you told me that I would move there less than a few years later! Life can be so exciting when you embrace change rather than resist it.