“The 10-Dollar Table” How-To Guide

January 6, 2010

So now that the holiday season has passed, I’m playing catch-up and finally putting together the step-by-step process for our first experience reupholstering/restoring a piece of furniture together.  The before and after pictures for our fab new dining room table can be found under the Recycling tab, but I thought I’d share how it came to be in a series of pictures!  

One of our many free craigslist finds, this table had a lot of potential. And we made it our own for less money than you would spend on a pizza!

We needed: 1. A Staple Gun, 2. Primer and Regular Spray Paint, 3. Phillips-head Screw Driver, 4. Three yards of a sturdy fabric, 5. A few hours of our time!

We used the screw driver to release the ugly seat cushions so they could begin their transformation!

The poles were resistant to change - not quite as open to the make-over as the cushions hence the tough love.

Exfoliating and cleaning the poles with some sand paper and rags.

Jay using primer and then the white spray paint to make the gold color ...a thing of the past.

We alternated spray painting with the reupholstering portion of the project which began with portioning out the fabric.

We started by securing one side.

Followed by maneuvering the corner fabric (not an easy task). We had to try different ways before getting it right on just about EVERY corner. So, no need to get frustrated because it will eventually work out. 🙂

Once we played with all the corners and everything was secure....we covered any "imperfections" with the cardboard bottom that I had carefully removed from the original cushions earlier.

Sigh of relief.....

So we repeated the process for both the poles and the cushions before putting everything back together (to the best of our ability + memory) and we were left with a feeling of accompishment and what seems to be a brand new table for no more than the $10 it cost us for the supplies and fabric!

Each project will be different, so feel free to leave a comment with any questions you may have and if I can’t answer them myself- I’ll refer back to the creative director….my fiance, Jason.  😉


4 Responses to ““The 10-Dollar Table” How-To Guide”

  1. Karissa said

    Hello there love! Must say I love this so much and i feel like your place is going to be so so sooo beautiful!!

    love the blog… oh and you

  2. Kristin McKinnon said

    So– awesome and creative I just love it 🙂

    Your Friend

  3. Amanda Kosloski said

    Those look fantastic! I admire you for all that you are doing. You’ll go far with your life, and congrats on the engagement!

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