Buenas tardes everyone! I’ve decided to take a break from chores and such and just enjoy this afternoon because I start my week of training tomorrow for work! I must say I’m pretty good at occupying time by myself (Jay’s at work until 6ish).

First I made my classic @home version of my favorite “Cafe Mocha”

Gotta love the Texas Pride mugs 😉 Thanks, Michelle!

  • 2 scoops freshly ground french vanilla coffee
  • a dash of hot chocolate powder (not the healthiest, but you work with what-cha got and the marshmallows don’t hurt)
  • 1 squeeze local honey
  • lil’ bit chocolate soy milk

Once the coffee was brewed, I curled up with my buddy Linus for a movie compliments of my adopted Mama Michelle lol.

“500 Days of Summer”

Cuddle Buddy ❤

The movie was adorable, I highly recommend it – the perfect matinee flick to help me procrastinate… 😉

Now that my coffee + snuggle time is over, I think it’s about time to prepare for tomorrow: get the outfit ready, pack the lunches, and feed the fam.  I’m so excited for my first day of training…I’ll be sure to post a full report maňana! Have a fabulous evening.

What’s your favorite way to take a time out?


FINALLY!! I am happy to report that I have received word that not only did I get the position, but I’m also in the unit of my choice, and 1st shift! 🙂

I guess I was right about the two week interval thing! I start training on Monday and I couldn’t be more excited!  My schedule is super interesting and opens up my whole day for productivity in that my shift is from 6am – 2pm which leaves me AMPLE time for the gym after work, yoga classes, ball games, you name it…I’ll have time to do it! My weekends are unconventional too (Wednesday, Thursday) which lines up almost perfectly with Jay’s time off during the week 🙂

Before we moved here, Jay and I had NO time to spend together with opposite shifts and schedules and in the time it has taken us to get our game together down here…we’ve really developed awesome ways to share common interests and activities that allow us to make the most out of our mutual free time.  I’ve taken up bowling (and soon- swimming) and running ….. and Jay even does yoga with me regularly! We’re making plans to grow together and it feels so good!

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you all for your support over the past few months.  It’s incredible to think how quickly things are coming together and how much Jay and I have built out of nothin’ lol

Let me start by saying, I am NOT giving up on the children’s social services position that I have (not so conveniently) devoted almost two months to…but my sanity is wearing thin these days playing the waiting game therefore I’ve decided to go back to playing the craigslist field for a while I wait for them to realize that I’m awesome 😉

There have literally been at least two weeks (usually three) separating one contact with this agency from another including the initial application, the “your still in the running email,” phone interview, and mtg with the team manager.  I’ve had A LOT of time to fall in love with this place and I can’t help picturing my life here with them in mind.  I can’t describe the feeling ofan impending career, income, and opportunity to once again manage my life financially! It’s so close I can taste it! lol

I have some experience with the non-profit hiring process and it is LONG if it’s anything.  My award winning patience has certainly gotten me this far and just to reiterate I am not giving up!

When my fiance first suggested that I start looking for something else, my heart sank.  I felt like I was throwing all of that hard work down the tubes and it was so disappointing to picture myself doing anything else after two months of constant day dreaming.  However, I will admit that it’s not all that healthy to allow any organization, HR rep, or any particular person for that matter to hold my fate in their hands entirely (although I’m sure the people doing the hiring never see it quite that way….just prospective employees).  For my own protection, I am hooking up with the digital want ads aka craigslist if for no other reason than to feel more in control.

I’m qualified, I have the work experience, the education, the personal skills, and the desire…..someone will see that.

Peanut-butter Cookies in just THREE Ingredients!

1 cup natural peanut-butter (I’m tempted to try it with almond butter too!)

1 cup brown sugar

1 egg

Just mix, roll, and flatten with a fork!

Bake for 8-10 minutes.

And, enjoy!

Delicious! 🙂

I don’t know what I was more excited about, the fact that there were only 3 ingredients to these incredible cookies or that I actually had the ingredients in my possession! Haven’t been able to splurge lately at the grocery store for baking stuff and I don’t exactly trust the cheap pre-made stuff.  Still, I’ve SO been craving a dessert and this one is SO satisfying but doesn’t leave me feeling guilty AND it takes care of my urge to bake!

::Thank you Mel::

This morning I woke up for my second interview with a facility I applied to almost a month and a half ago!  Finding and keeping work since the move has been somewhat of a roller coaster ride.  I just kept accepting jobs that were high stress, low pay, and extremely draining before I finally realized that I was defeating the entire purpose of moving and starting over.  I’ve sacrificed so much to get here, but up until recently it was difficult to see any progress.  I know that no one other than myself knows what’s best for me, but it was difficult to stay above their judgement regardless of their intentions.  I knew in my heart that there was something more important in my future, my next step.  I decided to really explore my options trying desperately to decipher my feelings toward the relentless question, “what will I do with the rest of my life…?”

I realize that this question will never be answered and that each day brings new opportunities and obstacles, but in relation to that next step I decided that I needed to combine my two career loves: children and social work.  I hit the email, fax machine, and post office sending that good ole’ resume and cover letter to every child services agency I could find (in the area of course).  About a MONTH later, I received an email for one of the facilities I had applied to informing me that I was still in the running and that they would call me to schedule a telephone screening if I were to be chosen to do so.

And so the wait continued….  You can imagine my excitement when I eventually went through the screening process and was then offered a second interview, this time with the team manager (the person with the ultimate hiring decision).  So, I guess that brings you up to speed, but what I’ve yet to talk about is what I went through during the past six weeks and the clarity I have gained.  I did everything I could to assure myself that anything worth while is worth waiting for…..I had foolishly and desperately wasted my time on jobs that were counter-productive to this whole self-exploration process.  Like I’ve said before, this year means more to me than instant gratification.  I’m taking a wholistic approach to health and to me that includes nutrition, fitness, personal boundaries, and following my instincts.  In this case, that meant opening up my world to the possibilites that were never beyond my reach no matter how clouded my view. I took my healthy eating habits to the next level.  I started a 9-wk running program and I embraced the attitude I needed to smile when I would normally cry.

I feel stronger today than ever before.  Maybe all I needed was a break.  A break from unrealistic expectations that have weighed me down for years.

I walked into that interview today and saw that everything I had wanted was simply waiting for me to realize that I wanted it!  Listen to yourself, stop worrying, ignore all back round noise and you’ll be amazed how many doors will open and how much more you can gain from your life.

So now that the holiday season has passed, I’m playing catch-up and finally putting together the step-by-step process for our first experience reupholstering/restoring a piece of furniture together.  The before and after pictures for our fab new dining room table can be found under the Recycling tab, but I thought I’d share how it came to be in a series of pictures!  

One of our many free craigslist finds, this table had a lot of potential. And we made it our own for less money than you would spend on a pizza!

We needed: 1. A Staple Gun, 2. Primer and Regular Spray Paint, 3. Phillips-head Screw Driver, 4. Three yards of a sturdy fabric, 5. A few hours of our time!

We used the screw driver to release the ugly seat cushions so they could begin their transformation!

The poles were resistant to change - not quite as open to the make-over as the cushions hence the tough love.

Exfoliating and cleaning the poles with some sand paper and rags.

Jay using primer and then the white spray paint to make the gold color ...a thing of the past.

We alternated spray painting with the reupholstering portion of the project which began with portioning out the fabric.

We started by securing one side.

Followed by maneuvering the corner fabric (not an easy task). We had to try different ways before getting it right on just about EVERY corner. So, no need to get frustrated because it will eventually work out. 🙂

Once we played with all the corners and everything was secure....we covered any "imperfections" with the cardboard bottom that I had carefully removed from the original cushions earlier.

Sigh of relief.....

So we repeated the process for both the poles and the cushions before putting everything back together (to the best of our ability + memory) and we were left with a feeling of accompishment and what seems to be a brand new table for no more than the $10 it cost us for the supplies and fabric!

Each project will be different, so feel free to leave a comment with any questions you may have and if I can’t answer them myself- I’ll refer back to the creative director….my fiance, Jason.  😉

Ok, so I was (secretly) that kid that loved the first day of school from kindergarten straight through to my eighth semester of college.  The reason? …I was just such a fantastic student.  Ha! …not quite.  Really, I just loved the idea of a fresh start- a new beginning to be a better me.  It was so refreshing to know I always had another chance to start over.  As an adult, I’ve realized I tend to take that notion to the next level.  It started with college- a new school, new teachers, new friends, and ultimately a new place.  I loved the aspect of being able to reinvent myself or just be me without the expectations of the 30,485,903 people that already knew me.  A couple of years later, I found myself living with my grandparents closer to Boston on breaks from school where I learned more about myself and what I wanted/needed out of life more than ever before.  Despite the opinions of some, my life today and current scenery change makes total sense to me.  I move on when it’s time, and I’m always seeking to be where I can take chances and grow.

Ok, my point……among all of my previous “New Years” I can honestly say that I deserve everything I know 2010 will bring me.  Last year was a whirlwind including, but NOT limited to: my last semester of college, my first career attempt, graduation, a gigantic move, failed wedding plans, an extended family in turmoil, and yet the beginnings of a brand new perspective on life.

This year, I’m trying something new.  I’m taking ownership of this fresh start and turning it into a consistent lifestyle.  I don’t want to wait another year for my start all over again attitude….especially since my world is no longer split into convenient four month periods of time! 2010 is my commitment to health, love, excellence, and boundaries.

I updated my vision board as a part of my New Years Resolution process.  It’s so much fun to see how it has transformed.  The first was mainly about developing my new home, and now that we have a handle on that project, I’m watching my needs and wants develop on a personal level.

*Updated* "Vision Board"

Have any of you tried this little vision board project? Send me Pictures!